Pocket Personality Cards

How we started


I was sitting in a reasonably interesting course in Bali last year and we were presented with a set of cards, demonstrating the concepts we were learning. Although the facilitator didnt explain how the cards could be used, the simplicity of the design and the concept intrigued me. The idea began percolating as I travelled from Bali to Cambodia a few days later to run a 2 day seminar on personality type and communication for the management team of a major non profit.When I was having dinner at the hotel restaurant, I was presented with the dinner menu, which was not a traditional menu booklet but a series of cards in a box. All you needed to do was to pick out the dish you wanted and hand I thought to myself, what if i could design a series of cards explaining the most pertinent concepts to people for different applications of personality type? What would that look like?  When I returned home in November, i began sketching out the concept and working on the content through Christmas and New Year. I tested out the first set of cards with a client in January. I then hired an Australian artist, Simon Sherry to create a series of images to represent each personality type. Tapan Vahanwala in Auckland designed our logo and Hummingbird Print took on the task of printing the boxes and cards. By mid April we launched our first print of the Communication Cards!

Why 'Pocket Personality Cards'?


There are hundreds of published books on personality type in the market and you could spend a lifetime reading all of them. But the average type user isn't inclined to do that. For that matter, most Type practitioners don't have time to scour a hundred tomes on personality type. What I have done is taken the best sources of the different applications of Type, pulled out the most important information needed and represented this in the cards. Most people who attend a type workshop come away with a booklet or report which usually gets shelved as soon as the workshop is over. I designed the cards to be a portable resource. Something you can carry in your pocket or keep on your desk to have easy access to when you need it. I designed the Communication cards to help Type users, facilitators, coaches, team leaders, teachers and students easily apply their understanding of communication styles. I will be releasing a new set of cards based around Teams and this will be followed by a set of Leadership cards. I hope to have at least four more applications released by September 2017.

"Concise, well researched, beautifully designed, creative, useful and innovative tool for use with individuals and teams alike. I can highly recommend the "Pocket Personality" cards as a quick reference for type and great ideas for communication."

Hanna Von Randow, Auckland, NZ

"These cards are great, easy to use. They provide tips for people to use to communicate with others that have different preferences. Also a few things to avoid ... Keywords ... Great, easy to use ... Thanks Brian"

Donna, Qatar.

"I've been using personality theory for quite a few years and with a large variety of clients. With the old approach it often took a while for people to see the benefits of knowing personality types. Now with Pocket Personality understanding is gained quickly and my clients are using the cards to help them with communications in their daily life. The sales teams love having an easy to understand framework to better communicate with their clients and leaders find it easier to build trust within their teams. The cards are simple and genius plus they look great and fit in my handbag. I'm rare without them. I highly recommend them to anyone that works with people!"

Lauren, Melbourne, Australia

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